Monday, February 15, 2010

Best website suggestion : !

website ideas and businessI suggest to read this great business or website idea from KillerStartups : Extract : Do you like politics? Are you looking for a new concept when it comes to having the chance to share your ideas with the world? In that case you are at the right site. This could be a good opportunity for you to join a political social networking website. What is this all about? Well, LawsLoop is a ground-breaking site where you are allowed to create your own political manifesto no matter how crazy it might be. You can feel free to expose all your points of view on any matter because this site gives you the chance to speak your mind in a free environment. Therefore, you will not be monitored over your viewpoints, no matter how extreme, they are. The site has a political scale that can be used by members in order to post their ideas so they can be rated by others. In case you want to use tools with the intention to learn about how individuals from different backgrounds and demographics feel about different topics, you will be able to do that on this site. There are many subjects you will have the chance to discuss with others growing as a well rounded individual. This is like creating political parties from a virtual origin. In addition to this, you will have the right to participate on the site’s elections and speak entirely freely without censorship. This is a new way to increase democracy through the internet. Do you want to learn more about this site? Give it a visit at What a concept ! To receive the ebook 100 website and business ideas, click on : 100 website ideas !

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