Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best website suggestion : !

website ideas and businessI suggest to read this great business or website idea from KillerStartups : Extract : An application that can but go down well with music adepts, TubeMyStuff will enable them to listen to their music from their iPhones or iPods even when the target PCs are offline. In a certain way, it could be said that this product is an online archive that can be accessed remotely crossed with a playlist manager. This is accomplished in a very direct way, as all you have to do is create a free account and then install a lightweight application on each and every PC that you want to stream your music from. You then have to do a little setup and individualize the folders where you keep your music files in every desktop, and then you will be capable of taking your music wherever you go. There is no further synchronization required. Besides, your music becomes instantly shareable on Facebook and all the major social haunts of the day such as MySpace. That makes the whole application all the more useful, and I am sure more than a music lover out there will have an excellent excuse to start pumping up the volume on the subway ride home from this point onwards. What a concept ! To receive the ebook 100 website and business ideas, click on : 100 website ideas !

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