Saturday, February 6, 2010

Web millionaire : Jimmy Wales

website idea business ideas and home job ideasI recommand you this portrait from : Jimmy Wales Extract : Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia, is a familiar face on the Agenda Setters list and one whose star is rising. He made the top 10 in 2006; the top five in 2008; and lands in the top three this year - his best performance yet and a sign of his continued belief in free access to information, and crowdsourcing and collaboration across the network, were prescient.

"The wiki is a pervasive and visionary milestone for web 2.0," as one Agenda Setters judge explains.

Under Wales' guidance wikis are gaining in credibility, according to the panellists. Or as another judge puts it, Wales has "provided the world evidence of the potential for collaborative network organisations to co-create information". Disruptive stuff alright.

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